Before You Straighten Up Your Desk, Read This

May the desk be with you!

Health & Family

In the dystopian future, there will only be two tribes: those with messy desks and those with orderly ones. The messy desk people will live unhealthy and inefficient lives but come up with interesting new ideas. The organized desk people will be fit and get all their work done. At least, that’s one possibility if the results of a new study hold up.

The research, which was published in the journal Psychological Science in August, set out to examine how messy desks affect people. The scientists, fully aware that entire management businesses have have been built around the desktop disarray vs. table tidiness wars, wanted to analyze how people react to the mess around them, not whether they were inherently messy people.

So in a series of experiments, the researchers plopped a set of volunteers down in front of messy desks and a different set in front of tidy ones…

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