once upon a time

once upon a time there was this lousy LITTLE man called vince. he didn’t understand a think but he could always be within. all day long he was sitting at a pool table in lancershire counting the beats of his hearts. he was lost in a different world not knowing why he was here, or why this was not there, or even why over there wasn’t farfaraway, or how the hell he could escape from this madness! suddenly a man appeared: »my name is sean o’haire; i like fish. i was educated at the london school of depression. i had suicidal tendencies, but luckily had them removed at age thirteen. i kept pretty much most of my life―i never knew when I might need me. my father was a nut in the army. my mother bore seven children slowly. both died early. sometimes i was rather relieved to have no parents; most people were dead. a few were half-dead. it didn’t take much to amuse them. when you’re dead, anything’s funny!«


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