My first Vision of Light

»To my Friend Butts I write / My first Vision of Light, / On the yellow sands sitting. / The Sun was Emitting / His Glorious beams / From Heaven’s high Streams. / Over Sea, over Land, / My Eyes did Expand / Into regions of air / Away from all Care, / Into regions of fire / Remote from Desire; / The Light of the Morning / Heaven’s Mountains adorning: / In particles bright / The jewels of Light / Distinct shone & clear. / Amaz’d & in fear / I each particle gazed, / Astonish’d, Amazed; / For each was a Man / Human-form’d. Swift I ran, / For they beckon’d to me, / Remote by the Sea, / Saying: Each grain of Sand, / Every Stone on the Land, / Each rock & each hill, / Each fountain & rill, / Each herb & each tree, / Mountain, hill, earth, & sea, / Cloud, Meteor, & Star, / Are Men seen Afar.« (William Blake)


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